Our Past

Virginia Beach is full of history, and Coast City is no different. The church originated within a home  in 1986 as Christian ChapelBy 1989, the church rented space in an elementary school Through miraculous events,  the church purchased a modular building in 1991; and after two years of hard work, the church began having services at the current address of Coast City in 1993The church continued to grow, and in 2002 the vision for a new building began being put to actionThe Lords hand stayed on Christian Chapel through the eight years it took to create and launch the current Worship Center in 2010.

Our Present

Coast City continues to renew itself to be unified with God. In the past two years Coast City has been undergoing different interior renovations continuing to fulfill the Godgiven vision to Make Jesus Known. The current focus is on the childrens ministry area. With a desire to, help everyone from birth and up Love God, Love People, and Make Jesus Known