Doug Crabb

Prayer Formation Pastor

I am responsible for the altar and intercessor teams whose focus is to provide an open invitation for people to receive prayer.

What is your favorite Bible verse?
Truly there are too many to list, but this is one that really resounds in my spirit:
Jeremiah 33:3 VOICE "Call to Me, and I will answer you. I will tell you of great things, things beyond what you can imagine, things you could never have known.”

What are you passionate about?
Prayer, worship, revival. The church being the church, not "doing" church. Worship music and the way that God speaks to me through it. I want all believers to be true worshippers of God.

If you could have lunch with one Biblical character, who would it be?
King David. My favorite book(s) in the Bible are the Psalms, especially those attributed to King David. Only one to have said about him, "a man after My own heart." His blunt honesty with God. He figured God already knew, so why keep it hidden. His ability to pray out of difficulty, trying times, sin leads him back to God. He prayed “full circle”… God here’s my difficulty/circumstances/problem, God you’ve always been faithful, God I praise You!

Pastoral Team

Chaz Whitfield
Worship Pastor
Raul Muntean
Missions Pastor
Donny Feazelle
Youth Pastor
Peter Graves
Serve Teams Director
Sean Conant
Children's Pastor

Support Team

Sue Calvert
Office Administrator